TARGET A.S was founded on 1975 to serve our country’s needs with the latest and most advanced technology available. We are fully committed to ITAR standards and we mean it. Since its inception, Target A.S. has managed to step ahead of others as one of the leading pioneers in the Turkish Defense Industry in cooperation around 40 business partners, both local and international, some of which are ranked among the Fortune 500. These partnerships have been with leaders in their field, establishing customer confidence by providing dependable service whenever required. Our operations in the defense industry cover consultancy services to corporate giants, along with supplying military-grade raw materials, the latest military technology, systems and hardware. In addition to providing many other services for our customers, we produce and install various military exercise systems.

Over the years since its founding, Target A.S. has grown into a group of four companies operating in the defense, shooting, engineering and energy sectors in Turkey, employing close to 20 people and occupying more than 1,000 square meters of office space as well as subsidiaries as engineering Laboratories and R&D facilities.