Turkey has been in the midst of big civilizations throughout its history and thus had to deal with constant regional and even global conflicts. Yet, such conflicts that are threatening the regional stability, has probably never been this powerful.

Being forced to live under every kind of pressure and surrounded by potential hostilities, Turkey has the need for a modern and trained Armed Forces.

Turkey still has the second biggest armed forces in NATO -coming after USA- and so plans to spend billions of dollars for the army in the coming years. Turkey is desiring to own lots of stuff, like Assault Helicopters, Electronic Warfare Systems, Main Combat Tanks, Laser Guided Missiles and so on.

For companies that are operating in the defense sector and are seeking to improve their international sales and exports, Turkey has been a place to look into – and continues to be so. Target A.S. has successfully supported many defence companies on their relationships in Turkey.

For over a quarter century, Target A.S. has been representing and consulting some of the biggest defence companies in the world which own a wide range of products, such as electro-optical devices, high-speed anti-radiation missiles and universal test systems. Needless to say, Target’s expertise on defence industry covers a great diversity.

Since its founding on 1975, Target provides non-stop service to defence companies, and thus made a reputation as a professional, responsive, moral and above all an effective company on every aspect.

Because of the family-like relationships and satisfying results, many companies have been giving great references about Target to other companies, and so the number of Target’s partners and customers have been increasing continually.

Target A.S. shows great examples of famous Turkish hospitality, knowing that if the visitors love the country and its people, they will surely want to come back again, not only for business, but also for vacationing.