Crystal Techno

  • Optical Blanks
  • Lenses
  • Prisms
  • Laser Mirrors
  • Laser Rods

Crystal Techno Ltd. is a manufacturer of crystals (ZnSe, ZnS, KRS5, Sapphire – Al2O and other), optical components ande laser systens which are used in research and development for laser and medical technics, aviation, etc.

Knight Armament

  • Electro-Optical Systems
  • Night Vision Sights

Renowned weapon systems, the development of its patented rail system, and then the Knight Vision electro-optics, Knight’s Armament has consistently provided innovative, reliable and functional weapon systems and accessories.


  • Thermal Cameras
  • IR Cameras and Sub-systems
  • Thermal Camera Engines

Opgal is a leading global provider of innovative infrared thermal imaging systems and advanced vision and surveillance solutions. Opgal leverages advanced electro-optics and image processing expertise to create high performance, versatile visualization hardware and software products for a variety of markets.


  • Laser Power and Energy Sensors
  • Infrared Optical Products
  • Laser Beam Profilers
  • Carbondioxide Laser Optical Products
  • 3D Scanning Equipment

Established in 1976, Ophir Optronics is a global leader in precision infrared optics, photonics instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment.


  • KTP and RTP crystal products

Raicol Crystals Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of a large variety of high quality crystals and nonlinear optical elements. Raicol’s “state of the art”​ crystals are used in various industries such as: communications, medical, military, industrial lasers, etc


  • SWIR Detectors
  • MWIR Detectors
  • LWIR Detectors

Sofradir is the leading developer and manufacturer of key classes of advanced infrared (IR) detectors for military, space and industrial applications. Its vast IR product portfolio covers the entire spectrum from the visible and near infrared to very far infrared. We support Tubitak, Roketsan and Universities with our solutions.

Torrey Pines Logic

  • Electrical and Electro-Optical Transceivers
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Ethernet Media Converters
  • Interface Adapters
  • Optical Communication

As an innovation leader in Visible, NV and IR Sensors, Optical and Wireless Communication, Image Processing and Analysis, Electro-Optical Design and Lasers; Torrey Pines offers solutions for secured communication needs.


  • Thermal Camera Engines

ULIS, being part of the SOFRADIR Group, manufactures high-volume infrared detectors for lightweight, low power consumption and cost-effective IR cameras. ULIS is the leader of uncooled infrared detectors based on an amorphous silicon technology called microbolometers, an easy and reliable semiconductor material to manufacture. We support Tubitak, Roketsan and Universities with our solutions.