• Single and Multiple Axis Motion Simulators (HWIL)
  • Centrifuges
  • Acutrol – Simülasyon Control System
  • Special Motion Simulators

ACUTRONIC is the world leader in the development, design and manufacture of precision motion simulators for the aeronautic, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries. They also offer specific solutions based on customers’ unique requirements.


  • Target Systems
  • Monitors
  • Control Room Software

Kongsberg was established in 1994 with a passion for shooting and expertise in software and micro electronics. Kongsperg is a specialist in user-friendly solutions for national shooting programs, long distance shooting and ruggedized solutions for defense and security.

Santa Barbara Infrared (SBIR)

  • BlackBodies
  • Collimators
  • Laser test systems
  • Dynamic IR Scene Projectors
  • Miltary test systems

SBIR was founded in 1986 and quickly became the leader in the electro-optical (E-O) test instrumentation field. SBIR’s broad line of innovative products support testing of military and commercial sensor systems and are used world wide in laboratory, production, depot and field test applications.

Theissen Training Systems

  • Live-Fire Ranges
  • Live-Fire Training Systems

TTS expertises in targetry appliances for small sports air guns to tank and anti tank ammunitions, hit evaluation, electronic scoring, ballistic instrumentation and internal ballistics.



  • Ballistics Velocity Radar

In addition to be import license-free, LabRadar is a more
advantageous option when compared to traditional chronographs as it’s easy
to use and has a high accuracy rate at measuring the muzzle velocity, and is
heavily preferred by the ammunition and/or weapon manufacturers and the
armed forces. LabRadar is a rugged device which complies with the military
standards, can measure the supersonic speeds of a bullet in 5 different
spots along its trajectory up to 250 m away, and can wirelessly share the
collected data via Bluetooth to compatible devices.

Laser Shot

  • Interactive Training Systems

Laser Shot can turn a small classroom into a simulation room with
providing its solution composed of only one projector, 2-3 PCs, 1-2 adapted
handgun(s)/rifle(s) and (optional) one spotting scope. For its users to have
a more realistic shooting experience, Laser Shot has options for both weapon
types that also have kickback mechanisms. As the users train with Laser Shot
before starting to train with real weapons and ammunition, the live-fire
trainings take much shorter time to be completed and less rounds of bullets
will be used. Therefore, because of this quicker training period and less
amount of fired-shots, Laser Shot is also a helping tool which cuts the
(total) costs.